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The Binding Health Project is a joint project by public health and medical students at Boston University School of Medicine and Public Health.


Twitter: @BindingProject (Warning, we are not the most active account!)


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  1. Hi!

    I only began binding two months ago. Something I noticed very quickly was a change in dysphoria. When i first put it on i had a momentary thought that maybe a binder would be enough and I wouldn’t need top surgery. Very quickly I realized it didn’t resolve all situations of dysphoria because it can’t be worn 24/7. Even while wearing it I became dissatisfied because the bulk of my breasts is still there. I may have a flatter overall appearance but I’m chunkier higher up. It used to be that I could look in the mirror at my head and shoulders and just see my muscular shoulders, top ribs, and upper pecs (ie. my more masculine physical traits) but now it looks like my chest is all just pudge. It seems that starting to bind has increased my need for surgery.

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