About us

The Binding Health Project is a joint effort of Alix, Ivy, Jamie, Kimberlynn, and Sarah.

Alix is a recent graduate of the Boston University School of Public Health. She is originally from Alberta, Canada but has spent the last 7 years living in Vancouver. Alix identifies as a queer cis femme and sneezes whenever she eats chocolate.

Ivy is a third year medical student at Boston University. They are from Southern California and went to UC Davis for undergrad. Ivy identifies as a transmasculine genderqueer mixed fruit who loves cats.

Jamie is a second year medical student at Boston University. He lived in Mexico City for a year and loved it. They identify as a transguy on the ftm spectrum, and they are from Tucson, Arizona.

Kimberlynn is a second year graduate student at Boston University School of Public Health. After growing up in San Francisco, moving to New York for college, she is now settled in Boston. She identifies as a queer femme of color and she enjoys smizing at pups on the street— consensually, of course.

Sarah is a PhD student in public health at Johns Hopkins. She is a multiracial feminist who considered being a pianist or a pastry chef, but out of overwhelming nerdiness, ended up becoming a researcher who bakes a lot of pastries and plays a lot of piano.

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